Creative Activities

Gardening at Independent Lives Norfolk LtdArt

Some people living with a learning disability may have difficulties in both communication and social skills. Using Art enables an individual to be able to express and communicate their thoughts and feelings.

Musical Keys & Drama

Using music and drama enables participants to build confidence, improve co-ordination and motor skills as well as a way of expressing feelings.


Research has shown that gardening can improve cognitive skill for people with learning disabilities. Gardening can also assist with self-confidence, self-esteem and positivity for an individual.

Baking & Cooking at Independent Lives Norfolk LtdBaking

Research has shown that baking /cooking skills can increase motivation and a sense of purpose.

Needlework, Knitting & Sewing

Crafts such as needlework, knitting and sewing can sooth and calm, as well as be fun and creative. It can be a social activity and provide a sense of achievement once a project has been completed.


Zumba is a great way of keeping active as well as improving motor skills and co-ordination. It is also a very social activity.


Sewing, Knitting & Needlework at Independent Lives NorfolkYoga can help improve circulation, strengthen the heart, body awareness, gross and fine motor co-ordination as well as improved communication both verbal and non-verbal providing greater social interaction.


Massage can reduce both stress and anxiety of a recipient. It has also been shown to reduce blood pressure as well as increase awareness of tactile experiences.

Monthly Discos

The aim for our monthly discos is for social interaction and confidence. There will be a chance for our clients to develop a social life and social skills. The clients will each be able to take turns in being resident DJ, enabling them to have as much control over the discos as possible, whilst being supported when needed.