Leisure Activities

Community Based Activities

Community based supported activities give an individual the chance to have an ordinary daily life.

Horse Riding

The benefits of horse riding have been shown as improving core strength, straightening posture and reducing muscle pain and stiffness. From an emotional side bonding with horses creates a sense of achievement.

Skiing Activities

Norfolk Ski slope based at Trowse is affiliated to Special Olympics UK and offer sessions with adapted equipment to suit particular needs.


Learning to swim or being able to swim can be a good way to boost confidence. The benefits of swimming are that mobility issues are often reduced. Swimming is fun way to keep healthy and active both physically and mentally.


The benefits of walking are improved mood, social interaction and a chance to improve fitness levels. Walking outside often has a positive effect on mood and behaviour.

Wall Climbing

Wall climbing is not the first activity that may spring to mind if you're living with a form of disability. However participating can give a great sense of achievement and is a brilliant social activity to take part in.


Sailing is an activity that can be experienced by anybody no matter their age or disability. It offers the chance to fell tranquillity and freedom as well as being a very social activity.


Photography is a remarkable activity in that it can open a wider world for many. Photography can be fun and creative. Photography can look past the stereotype and catch a glimpse of who the person is.

Bowling, Cinema, Theatre

Research has shown that many people with any type of disability often feel isolated from the wider community. By participating in activities that everyone else takes for granted such as Bowling, visiting the theatre of cinema we hope to achieve inclusion and equality for all.


Holidays are about fun, adventure and the sense of freedom. It is a chance to experience new experiences, make new friends and a chance to be yourself whilst promoting self-confidence.